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LunaCco Oracle Readings

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Fairyland Friends

Grab A Daily Card Pull with These Adorable Little Fairies & their Animal Friends

Tough Love Foil- New Yorker Edition

Tough Love Advice Served Daily With a Touch of Sass *Swearing is Involved*

Java Jolt Furry Allies Deck Preview
Java Jolt Furry Allies

Friendly Furry Coffee Buddies. Have a sip and pull a card!

Whispering Woodland Allies Oracle Deck
Whispering Woodland Allies

Grab A Daily Card Pull with These Adorable Little Forest Friends


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Nope! You can pull a card here anytime for free. More than 1 card spreads will be available shortly in our membership.

We are working on getting physical decks setup in our shop. But you can contact us to get one now! Just email and we'll get you an invoice for a deck.

By sharing on social media and leaving reviews! we love to hear feedback via email 

We do not currently do private readings but will be doing both paid and free readings in our free & paid memberships.